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Photo Graffiti Wall

The Photo Graffiti Wall is the creation of Peyton Vincent, the founder and president of CEG Interactive Photo Booth Rental. He has been in the special event business since 1999 and has not only designed and built one of Southern California’s most popular photo booth rental companies but has continued to innovate to stay ahead of the coming trends.

While there are other companies that rent digital graffiti walls on a per event basis, Photo Graffiti Wall has identified the demand to expand this technology permanently into the hands of established and successful special event companies all over the world. We recognize that a greater return on investment can be achieved by going with a “tried and true” system rather than everyone trying to figure out software development and complex hardware compatibility requirements.

Selecting Photo Graffiti Wall as your provider of the new digital graffiti wall will place you instantly ahead of the competition as there is no product that offers all the capabilities and features we do anywhere in the world. Comprehensive training and support are included with every system we sell. Rest assured that our primary goal is to keep you ahead of the curve right out of the gate.

Probably the most beneficial aspect of adding a unique service like ours to your company’s offerings is two-fold.

  1. You should expect that prospective (and even current) clients of yours will elect to add the Photo Graffiti Wall to their event order.
  2. Likewise, you will start to win clients in the other facets of what you offer (DJ, A/V, Event Planning, Photography, etc…) because people will discover you because of Photo Graffiti Wall but hire other services in the process – A win-win.

It is part of the next generation of  interactive special event services that delivers incredible ROI in a very short period of time. Our system…

  • Provides entertainment to participants and onlookers
  • Provides a chance for guests to leave with a photo keepsake commemorating a certain promotion or event with custom border artwork
  • Provides additional branding opportunities through the use of virtual spray paint stencils personalized for each event
  • Provides a chance for the exhibitor/operator  at a promotional event to “break the ice” with participants while taking their photo and helping them paint.
  • Provides an opportunity for prospect data collection if guests visit the company website for free downloads of past event photos.
Contact us today to find out how we can help transform your company into one of the most sought after sources for interactive entertainment in your region.
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